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Security in safety

Working with a forklift in a distribution center, repairing the refrigeration system in a supermarket, installing air conditioning in an office building; you come across it every day all over the Netherlands. Everyone thinks it's perfectly normal to work safely. But it doesn't happen by itself.

At PBNA, we believe that safety should go without saying. Technical installations should function safely and the person installing or repairing them should work safely. That's what we believe in.

Working safely throughout the Netherlands

There should be no discussion about safety. No doubt. But how do you ensure it? The basis is: independent assurance of knowledge and skills. It is our mission to make that clear and demonstrable in every organization. We have been working on that since 1912. We are now an institute in the Netherlands, with a royal designation. So we feel that responsibility and wear it with pride. Every year we help more than 75,000 candidates obtain a certificate that guarantees certainty in safety.

PBNA takes organizations and employees by the hand

How do you embed safety and knowledge about it in an organization? We empathize and delve into the wishes and needs of employees and their employers. We take them by the hand and guide them through laws and regulations. And because we administer virtually all safety exams, we help organizations across the board. All security under one roof.

When it comes to safety, only 100% certainty is enough

Our exams and certifications are well known in the Netherlands, made transparent in the public register. Candidates can attend more than 60 locations and the content of the exams is reviewed by independent exam boards. Because we stand by our quality. Not for nothing do we work together with leading educators, colleges and organizations in technology. That is why organizations with a diploma or certification from PBNA go for 100% assurance in safety.

Royal PBNA is

  • certifications for IECEx, ATEX, NEN 3140 VOP, NEN 3140 VP, VCA, F-gases and SOG
  • within 1 day of exam a diploma in your pocket
  • public register
  • more than 60 exam locations
  • connection to practice with above average success rate
  • Your accessible partner for safety knowledge
  • trusted since 1912
  • 100% assurance in safety.

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