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  • IECEx exams units 000 to 010
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On the right you can quickly see the many possibilities for VCA exams at PBNA. Call us, we will be happy to help you with up-to-date teaching material, online trial exams, exams 24/7, quick results and a free VCA pass on your mobile phone.

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VCA mock exams

Via you can, for a small fee, take a realistic practice exam and significantly increase your chance of a good result at the real VCA exam. You can opt for a B VCA trial exam (VCA basic), VOL VCA (VCA2) or a VIL VCU trial exam.

Through these exam trainings, you practice hundreds of questions. After each training on VCA trial exams, you will receive advice or tips to achieve the highest score. You will be well prepared for the real VCA exam.

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VCA exam

PBNA offers all types of VCA exams (B VCA, VOL VCA and VIL VCU). As an individual you can choose one of our 'open' exams that take place almost daily, at locations throughout the country.

Companies, VCA trainers and schools can also make use of our open registrations. Organising a 'private or InCompany exam' for groups of 8 candidates or more, is very attractive financially.

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SCC book

Do you want to train your employees or prepare them via self-study for the VCA exam? PBNA offers a clear, practical and up-to-date VCA book. More than 500.000 people have already successfully prepared for the exam with our material.

In the course material, each subject is dealt with in a complete and compact manner. The SCC book is full of exercises and colorful cartoons. It is optimally geared to the current exam requirements.

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  • How can I login to the PBNA website?

    PBNA has launched a portal especially for its regular customers. Through your own portal you can quickly and easily book exams.
    The portal brings you into your own ordering environment and offers the following advantages:

    • Order exams quickly and easily
    • Organise your exams 24/7, all days of the year
    • Register candidates up to 7 hours prior to the exam
    • Create and manage your own exam locations
    • See results as soon as they are known

    In summary: available 24/7, more convenience, more insight and last minute registration. Would you also like to use the PBNA Portal? Click here to register

    There are, of course, no costs involved. You can start right away!

  • How can I apply for an exam?

    If you want to sign up for an exam, go to the schedule. Through filters you can quickly find the desired exam and exam location. You can also choose whether you want to take the exam as soon as possible or in another month. Order your Open VCA exam here

    If you would like to apply for an exam for a number of people from your company, you can probably best, more easily and cheaply, order a private exam. You determine a date, time and exam location. We take care of the exam. Order your VCA company exam directly, here.

  • Which identity document do I need to show for an SCC / SOG exam?

    Only ID cards that are officially valid in the Netherlands are valid within the SCC and SOG systems. These are the valid ID proofs:

    • A valid passport or a valid foreign travel document;
    • A valid identity card, aliens document or aliens pass issued by a Dutch government agency;
    • A valid driving licence issued by a public authority Within the EEA countries (if accompanied by a passport photograph).

    The period of validity of an identity document may not have expired on the exam date. The SSVV has granted a temporary dispensation for expired Dutch driving licenses during the Corona period, see the relevant news article.  

    Candidates admitted to a detention centre who do not have proof of identity as described above must identify themselves by means of a (detention) declaration accompanied by a (recent and similar) photograph of the candidate.

    For more information see

  • When will I have passed the VCA exam?

    VCA does not work with scores. The caesura (the boundary between failing or passing) is determined according to the table below:

    Details of the VCA exams:

    Exam: Maximum time: Number of questions: Max number of points: Passed at: At a minimum of:
    B-VCA 60 minutes 40 4,000 points 2,580 points 64,5%
    B-VCA (read out) 75 minutes 40 4,000 points 2,580 points 64,5%
    VOL-VCA 75 minutes 70 7,000 points 4,515 points 64,5%
    VIL-VCU 75 minutes 70 7,000 points 4,515 points 64,5%





VCA exams
throughout the Netherlands

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Do you regularly order VCA exams for your company? Then apply for a free login account for our company portal. You can also become a partner of PBNA and benefit directly from discounts.



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VCA book, judged as best!

Do you want to prepare well for the VCA exam?

With PBNA's up-to-date, easy-to-read textbook, this will certainly succeed.

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VCA course

With PBNA you can prepare yourself very well for your VCA exam with our VCA-book and the VCA-trial exam. You can choose from several VCA books with a free trial exam. 

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VCA exam quickly?

PBNA provides VCA exams at 50 locations. Often you can take the exam quickly (within 48 hours) in one of the 19 languages we offer. Be quick, ... availability is limited.

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