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This exam is meant for managers who want to obtain the VCA VOL diploma (Safety for Operational Managers). 

Safety for Operational Managers (VCA VOL)

The VCA VOL exam consists of 70 questions and you have a maximum of 75 minutes to answer. You can earn a maximum of 100 points for each question, making a total of maximum 7,000 points. When you register for the exam, you can also order the VCA VOL book and the online VCA VOL practice exams.

VCA VOL mock exam

The VCA VOL mock exam gives a realistic view on the VCA VOL exam. The structure corresponds to the official exams. The feedback consists of the result, looking back at your mistakes and a study advice. Candidates who have used the VCA mock exams indicate that they started the real VCA VOL exam with more confidence. A code for a free VCA VOL trial exam can be found at the back of the book. The VCA VOL trial exam is also available in English.

The best preparation for the VCA VOL exam

With these 3 tips you will go to the VCA VOL exam with confidence:
- Study the VCA VOL book of PBNA
- Take some VCA VOL trial exams.
- Make sure you are equipped before the VCA VOL exam starts

When will I pass the VCA VOL exam?

The 70 questions in the VOL-VCA exam are divided over the various subjects as follows.

  • Regulations and safety rules -11 questions;
  • Safety, consultation and inspections -5 questions;
  • Prevention - 8 questions;
  • Workplace - 6 questions;
  • Personal protective equipment - 4 questions;
  • Work equipment - 6 questions;
  • Specific work and circumstances - 9 questions;
  • Dangerous substances - 7 questions;
  • Electricity and radiation - 4 questions;
  • Fire and explosion - 5 questions.
  • Accidents 2
  • Emergency situations 3

You can obtain a maximum of 100 points for each question. You will have passed the exam when you have obtained a total of at least 4.515 points (64.5% of the maximum number of points). You will receive your diploma when you have obtained at least 4.515 points (64,5% of the maximum 7.000 points). A few days after the exam, the official result is posted on, where you can also download your pass.

The VCA VOL exam is available in different languages.

Besides Dutch, the VCA VOL exam is also available in English, French and German. Just like the Dutch exam, there are 70 questions to be answered in 75 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to have exams for VCA VOL read aloud. Choose the flag of your choice below.

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