NEN 3140 VOP (Instructed Person)

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NEN 3140 VOP

(Sufficient Teaching Person)

The examination NEN 3140 VOP (Instructed Person) is intended for employees who, in their work under the supervision of at least one VP-er, perform simple electrical work with a limited risk. Or for those who have access to switch rooms. These are functions such as operators, mechanical mechanics, IT professionals and concierges.

In addition to a specific training course and examination, a written instruction as a VOP employee by the employer is necessary.

The exam includes questions on the following subjects: Laws and regulations, Electricity hazards, Designation of persons, Electrical equipment, Safe working practices.

The exam includes 30 multiple-choice questions and you have a maximum of 60 minutes. You pass and receive the diploma if you have answered at least 21 questions correctly. The NEN 3140 diploma is valid for 3 years and after that you have to take the exam again.

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