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With PBNA you can prepare yourself very well for your SCC exam with our SCC book and the SCC mock-exam. You can choose between an SCC book for SCC full and for SCC basic. With the book you also get a free online exam training.

This is a trial exam that is comparable to the real exam. This applies to the subjects and also the type of questions you will have to answer in the real VCA exam.

Economical and flexible preparation

This is the most economical and flexible way to obtain your SCC diploma. If you are more interested in E-learning or a traditional SCC course, please contact us. We will gladly put you in touch with one of the SCC trainers we have worked with for years.

After you have prepared yourself, you can take one of the VCA exams that we provide at 50 locations in the Netherlands. After the exam, you will immediately see whether you have passed or will have to retake the exam. The latter is of course annoying, but the chance of that happening is very small if you have studied our VCA book and made a few trial exams.

Quick result and recording in CDR

Immediately after the exam you will see the provisional results. The next working day the official result will be known and you can book your VCA pass to your mobile phone.

All SCC diplomas are recorded that day for 10 years in the CDR. This is the Central Diploma Register SCC. Clients and employers can quickly and reliably check in CDR whether your SCC certificate is still valid. Of course, you can also check it yourself and make sure your diploma does not expire.

Find out more here:

- vca book and mock exam
- vca exam at 50 locations
- vca card on your mobile phone
- cdr (central diploma register)


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