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When B SCC (VCA basic)?

With the B VCA basic diploma you show that you have the basic knowledge of VGM (Safety, Health and Environment) as stated by the VCA Safety Checklist. You thus demonstrate that you can work safely while taking into account the environment and the health of yourself and others. The B-VCA consists of knowledge about laws and regulations, recognizing unsafe situations and actions and taking measures to prevent accidents. If you are working for a contractor, in most cases you must have a B-VCA diploma. For example, if you are working on a construction site or in a high-risk environment. 

SCC basic (B SCC) exam

The B-VCA exam consists of 40 questions and you have a maximum of 60 minutes. The topics covered in the exam are listed at the bottom of the page. You have passed if you have obtained at least 64.5% of the maximum 4,000 points. 

You will see immediately after the exam whether you have passed. You will see the official results on the site within a few days: SCC Results. There you also download the pass on your phone. You will then receive the SCC pass and B-VCA diploma. The diplomas obtained are valid for ten years and are required to comply with the VCA Safety Checklist.

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B-VCA exams are administered at 50 locations, during office hours or in the evenings. PBNA provides start-up guarantee; so scheduled exams always go on. You can register up to 7 hours (if seats are still available) before the exam. After registration you will receive a confirmation with the exact start time.

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The 40 questions in the B VCA exam are divided over the different subjects as follows: 

B SCC examination  Number of questions
Regulations and safety rules 3
Safety, consultation and inspections 1
Prevention 2
Workplace 4
Personal protective equipment 4
Work equipment 6
Specific activities and circumstances 7
Hazardous substances 5
Electricity and radiation 3
Fire and explosion 3
Accidents 1
Emergencies 1
Total number of questions: 40
Maximum number of points: 4.000
Passed at minimum: 2,580 points (this is 64.5%)

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