• What does VCA mean?

    VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. The checklist is a questionnaire developed as a screening system. The "contractors" are companies that perform work for - and on behalf of others (clients). VCA is intended to increase safety in and around the place of work for both employers and employees.

    Depending on the nature and complexity of the activities, companies can become certified at different levels, namely VCA*, VCA** and VCA Petrochemistry. On SSVV's website there is a simple tool to determine the level of certification.



  • How can I prepare for the VIL-VCU exam?

    The VIL-VCU exam is 95% equal to the VOL-VCA exam. In the book VOL-VCA / VIL-VCU all exam material is covered for both exams. Read more about the VOL-VCA / ViL-VCU course material here.

  • How can I apply for an exam?

    If you want to sign up for an exam, go to the schedule. Through filters you can quickly find the desired exam and exam location. You can also choose whether you want to take the exam as soon as possible or in another month. Order your Open VCA exam here

    If you would like to apply for an exam for a number of people from your company, you can probably best, more easily and cheaply, order a private exam. You determine a date, time and exam location. We take care of the exam. Order your VCA company exam directly, here.

  • I am a safety expert (MVK/HVK) do I still need to get a VCA diploma?

    The MVK and HVK diplomas are equivalent to the VCA diplomas, but only if the holder of the diploma has to work in an environment where safe working is required. Safety experts often still take part in the VCA exam because they then have fewer problems "at the gate" with companies that require VCA. With an MVK-HVK diploma you are not registered in the Central Diploma Register (CDR). See this message for more explanation.

  • In which languages is it possible to take the VCA exam?

    Annually about 200.000 candidates take an SCC exam. Most candidates (more than 80%) do so in Dutch. This is followed by SCC exams in Polish, English, Romanian, Turkish or one of the other 14 languages. Click here for an overview of the number of SCC exams per language in 2019 and 2020 and the success rates. The number of candidates has decreased by more than 20% in 2020 under the influence of the COVID pandemic.

    Click here for an up-to-date overview of SCC in other languages.

  • Can I atend a VCA course at PBNA?

    PBNA is a recognized and independent examination office for, among others, VCA, SOG and IECEx. We do not provide training. We administer exams for a large number of VCA and SOG training institutes and are happy to put you in contact with one of our training partners. Call 078 - 62 53 889 and we will help you.

    In preparation for your VCA exam, you can, of course, order our VCA textbook and use online trial exams. For more information, see this page.

  • Where can I find more VCA trial exams?

    VCA Infra has made one trial exam available to give an impression of the exam and what the exam looks like. No answers are given here. Would you like to practice more? Then go to the site: VCA Exam training or buy  a voucher with 25 online trial exams - for a favorable price (25% discount).


  • When will I have passed the VCA exam?

    VCA does not work with scores. The caesura (the boundary between failing or passing) is determined according to the table below:

    Details of the VCA exams:

    Exam: Maximum time: Number of questions: Max number of points: Passed at: At a minimum of:
    B-VCA 60 minutes 40 4,000 points 2,580 points 64,5%
    B-VCA (read out) 75 minutes 40 4,000 points 2,580 points 64,5%
    VOL-VCA 75 minutes 70 7,000 points 4,515 points 64,5%
    VIL-VCU 75 minutes 70 7,000 points 4,515 points 64,5%




  • My details are not registered correctly in the Central Diploma Register.

    If you have obtained your VCA or SOG diploma at PBNA, please contact PBNA tel:078-6253889 or send an email with your details to [email protected]. We will, within 2 working days, let you know how this can be resolved.

  • How long does it take to receive my results and diploma?

    If you are taking an exam for VCA or SOG, you will, immediately after the exam, see whether you have passed. This is a provisional result. The official result will be reported to you or the client by e-mail within 3 days. Then, the official result will also be available via Once you have passed, you can also view the free digital pass and secure it on your mobile phone.

    For other exams, you will receive the results within four weeks. The results will be communicated by e-mail and the diplomas will be sent the same day. We always send the diplomas to the client, this may be the training institute, the employer or you, as a candidate.

  • I lost my VCA pass/diploma, can I order a duplicate?

    If you are in possession of a valid VCA or SOG diploma, this diploma will be listed in the CDR (Centraal Diplomaregister VCA). If a candidate unexpectedly loses the diploma, this entry in the Central Diploma Register will suffice. This is the only official source with which the validity of a diploma can be demonstrated.

    On the page passes and vouchers you'll find all the information you need to order a new pass. You can also put the free digital pass on your mobile phone.

  • I can't be at the exam. Now what?

    Do you want to cancel an open registration exam ? If so, you can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the exam, after which the full exam fee will be charged. 

    Do you want to cancel an in-company exam ? No charge up to one week before the exam. If you cancel your exam between 1 and 7 days before the exam date you will be charged € 40,- to cover the costs of the exam leader. For cancellations within 1 day € 80,- will be charged to cover the costs of the exam leader.



  • I have dyslexia. Does PBNA offer separate exams for this?


    Yes, for VCA exams you can opt for a B-VCA reading exam. At the VCA exams all questions are read out, but with some of the new question types, unfortunately, not all inidcated answers are! The exam consists of 40 questions for wich a maximum of 75 minutes is available. The B-VCA reading exam can be taken in (almost) all EU languages.

    You can watch a demonstration of the VCA exam via computer here. As you can see there, each question and the corresponding answers appear one by one on the screen, so that you can concentrate on each question. Our examiner will help you log in.

    The VOL-VCA and VIL-VCU exams are unfortunately not allowed as reading exams.


    Since 2019, the SOG theory exams are also available in a read-aloud version.

    Other exams such as ATEX, IECEx, NEN 3140 and F-gases:

    A candidate with dyslexia can take exams at PBNA, with additional opportunities provided to suit the disability. For more information, contact us at: (078) 62 53 889 or at [email protected].



  • Where can I find an overview of all scheduled exams?

    You can find the schedule here. Through the filters (left) you can quickly find the desired exam and exam location. You can also choose whether you want to take the exam as soon as possible or in another month. Order your Open VCA exam here

    Determine your own planning?

    If you would like to apply for an exam for a number of people from your company, it may be more economical to order a private exam. You decide on a date, time and exam location and we take care of the exam. Order your VCA In-company exam here

  • Can I view my exam?

    For a number of exams that PBNA administers, it is possible to view the exam at our office on a date to be mutually agreed upon. Download the inspection form, which also contains the rules for inspection.

    From 2018, candidates are able to see, immediately after the VCA exam, which questions they have answered incorrectly. In addition to the provisional result (failed or passed), candidates will also be able to review the incorrectly answered questions; see explanation.

  • What is the difference between the B-VCA exam and the B-VCA Green exam?

    The Basic Safety SCC Green examination is based on the same final and test terms as those of the standard Basic Safety SCC exam. The difference is that the Basic SCC Green exam contains a maximum of 20 'green coloured' questions that are randomly distributed over the exam. Candidates who have passed, will receive the same diploma as candidates of the Basic Safety SCC examination.