IECEx 05 - Application for a Certificate of Personnel Competency (CoPC)

After you have obtained an attestation for a certain unit, it is possible to apply for a person certificate (CoPC). With this person certificate, issued under the international IECEx 05 scheme, you are able to prove that you have the knowledge and skills required to safely carry out certain types of work with explosion equipment and installations. With this CoPC you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills to companies worldwide that have accepted this certification scheme.

A CoPC is valid for 5 years and is published online on the IECEx website. Certified individuals receive a portfolio card with the scope of their competencies.

With an IECEx05 CoPC issued by PBNA, you demonstrate that you are able to:

  • Work safely in hazardous areas;
  • Competent to work;
  • Ensuring that the equipment operates safely and in accordance with security techniques

Advantages of a CoPC:

  • Simple demonstration of competences;
  • The same demonstrable level worldwide;
  • Internationally recognised; required for IECEx certified facilities;
  • Registered in the IECEx database system.

To apply for the CoPC download the application form or send an email to [email protected] after which you will be contacted. For the final application, in addition to the relevant attestation, you must prepare an Evidence File. This Evidence File is a document in which your employer records your work experience in the field of explosion safety.

After assessment by the PBNA, you will receive the official IECEx 05 person certificate.

  • Application form CoPC (NL / Eng)

Application costs for an IECEx Person Certificate - CoPC 

Application for new CoPC
(regardless of #units)
Request new CoPC
(independent of #units)
Modification or Renewal CoPC
Issued by PBNA
Change or Re-certification CoPC
Issued by PBNA
Renewal CoPC
Issued by PBNA
Re-certification CoPC
Issued by PBNA
Extension CoPC
other than PBNA*
Re-certification CoPC
other than PBNA*

* A CoPC extension from another CB is considered a new CoPC . A CoPC extension from another CB is considered a new CoPC.
** Excluding VAT, Excluding taks

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