Dyslexia and F-gases theory exam

Dyslexia F-gases exam

A candidate with dyslexia or with reading difficulties can request fifteen minutes extra time for a regularly scheduled theory exam.

Reading Exam
A candidate with dyslexia, language or reading difficulties can take the F-gas theory exam at PBNA in Zwijndrecht. The candidate receives the exam on paper and every question and all answers are clearly read aloud. These candidates take the same exam as other candidates, no exemptions will be granted in terms of content. The exam is taken individually or in groups of up to 5 candidates. There are additional costs associated with this reading exam in Zwijndrecht. You can apply for a reading exam via: [email protected]. A dyslexia statement is not required to participate in a reading exam. The exam date and time will be determined in consultation with the candidate or client. Duration is 1.5 hours.

Individually guided theory reading exam
A candidate with dyslexia, reading difficulties, exam anxiety or fear of failure can take the theory exam F-gases at PBNA in Zwijndrecht. This is administered by a PBNA examiner. A supervisor is also present during the exam. The examiner's guidance consists of explaining the examination process. In case of ambiguities, questions can be asked. For example, when a word or sentence connection is not clear. It is not possible to ask questions about the content of the tested material. There is also no translation by the examiner. The exam is taken in a separate room where the candidate takes the exam on
and every question and all answers are read out clearly. We do strive for a calm atmosphere during the exam, so that you can perform optimally. The candidate takes the same exam as other candidates, no exemptions will be granted in terms of content. The individually supervised theory reading exam is intended for:
• If you suffer from dyslexia, exam anxiety or fear of failure;
• If you need more time and guidance, for example with a cognitive disorder such as autism or PDD-NOS;
• If you have already tried two other exams and you can't pass or if you have difficulty with the Dutch language.

• You sit in a separate exam room;
• You will be supervised by a PBNA examiner;
• Every question and all answers are written down and read aloud;
• You decide when you want to move on to the next question;
• If you do not understand a question, you can report this to the examiner. The examiner may phrase the question in a different wording;
• Duration 1.5 hours.

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