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At PBNA, we help organizations and their employees work safely in a safe work environment. With a team of 12 enthusiastic colleagues, we provide more than 75,000 engineering and safety exams each year. From standard exams at a location near you to custom exams that are completely tailored to your organization. How can we help you?

pbna deborah
Deborah Hamar de la Brethonière
Examination office coordinator

T. 078-6253765
M. [email protected]

pbna derklr
Derk Dubbeld
Senior account manager

T. 06-16000213
M. ddubbeld@pbna. com

pbna gert
Gert Hofs
Certification manager IECEx 05

T. 06-13543963
M. ghofs@pbna. com

Helene Munne PBNA
Hélène Munne
Account Manager

T. 06-10191940
M. [email protected]

Jacqueline PBNA
Jacqueline Vliegenthart
Employee Examination Office

T. 078-6253724
M. jvliegenthart@pbna. com

John Otten
Manager Examination Office

T. 06-27090049
M. john. [email protected]

Leon Bakx
Account Manager

T. 06-55916355
M. leon. [email protected]

Marije PBNA
Marije van der Lee

T. 06-18692502
M. [email protected]

pbna miranda lr
Miranda van de Luijtgaarden
Employee Examination Office

T. 078-6253826
M. [email protected]

Patricia PBNA
Patricia Biard
Examination office coordinator

T. 078-6253709
M. patricia. [email protected]

pbna renee lr
Renée Egberts
Examination office coordinator

T. 078-6253889
M. regberts@pbna. com

pbna thelma lr
Thelma Pama
Coordinator of Certifications

T. 06-50431903
M. [email protected]

Working at PBNA?

Well-trained and safely working technicians are essential for the Netherlands. We are committed to that every day. Would you like to contribute? Then take a look at our vacancies or contact us directly. We look forward to meeting you!