E-books VCA at PBNA

Quickly get started preparing for your SCC exam?

E-books VCA at PBNA

Do you want to prepare well for your SCC exam? You can do so with our e-books!

The e-book is a PDF version of our trusted books. You can read this e-book in an online environment on a computer or laptop. By scrolling down, you can read the book online. It is not interactive, it is not e-learning it is a PDF that you can read in an online environment. You need wifi or 4G to read the e-book and you will have access to the e-book for 3 months after redeeming the voucher.

We offer 3 e-books:
  • Basic safety SCC (NL)
  • B-VCA/VOL/VIL English (ENG)

You can order the voucher order here to access the e-book. A voucher for an e-book costs €14.95. In the order form you will find the voucher for the e-book of your choice under 'Other items'.

How does it work?

After purchasing the voucher, you will receive an email with a voucher code (the voucher codes are specific to English, NL basic and NL FULL) and a link. The link is from the website where the book is published. Once there, you redeem the code and create an account with your email and a password. You can access the e-book right away. The e-book is best read on a laptop or computer.

Tip: The e-book is best read with an up-to-date browser or Google Chrome. The FAQ on the website the e-book is on provides helpful tips. You should preferably read the book on a laptop or computer. Reading on an E-reader or phone is unfortunately not possible.


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