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When VOL-VCA exam?

Are you an operational manager at a contractor or company with the SCC certificate? Then you must have the VCA VOL (Safety for Operational Supervisors VCA) diploma. With this you show that you work safely and take into account the environment and health of you and the employees you supervise. The VOL SCC diploma is officially recognized by SSVV.

Safety for Operational Managers VCA (VOL-VCA)

The VOL-VCA exam (also known as VCA 2 or the official abbreviation VOL-VCA) consists of 70 questions. You have a maximum of 75 minutes to take the exam. At the bottom of this page you can see which topics are covered in the exam. You have passed if you have obtained at least 64.5% of the maximum 7,000 points.

You will see immediately after the exam whether you have passed. You can see the official results within a few days at www.vca-uitslag.nl. There you will also download the pass for your phone. You will then receivethe VCA pass and VOL-VCA diploma. The diplomas obtained are valid for ten years and are required to comply with the VCA Safety Checklist. The diploma is officially recognized by the SSVV.

Register for the VOL-VCA exam

SCC-VOL exams are administered at 60 locations, both during office hours and in the evenings. PBNA provides start guarantee; so scheduled exams always go on. You can register up to 7 hours (if seats are still available) before the exam. After registration, we will send you another confirmation with all the details.


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Topics of the VOL VCA exam

The VOL-VCA exam consists of 70 questions. Below is an overview of the topics and the distribution of questions. In the VOL SCC book, all topics are covered and explained with real-life examples. Our online trial exams are composed the same way, so that while taking practice exams you experience what the real exam will be like. You will then go to your SCC exam with more certainty.  

VOL-VCA exam  Number of questions
Regulations and safety rules 11
Safety, consultation and inspections 5
Prevention 8
Workplace 6
Personal protective equipment 4
Work equipment 6
Specific activities and circumstances 9
Hazardous substances 7
Electricity and radiation 4
Fire and explosion 5
Accidents 2
Emergencies 3
Total number of questions: 70
Maximum number of points: 7.000
Passed at minimum: 4,515 points (this is 64.5%)


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