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Want to train your own employees or prepare for the SCC exam via self-study? PBNA offers a practical and up-to-date SCC book that can help you do just that. More than 500,000 people have already prepared for the exam with our course material.

The teaching material covers each topic completely and compactly. The book is full of exercises and - in the Dutch versions - colorful cartoons. It is optimally tailored to the current final attainment levels and the latest exam questions.

SCC E-books that will get you started right away


Need a book quickly because you want to prepare for your SCC exam? Then we have three E-books* available! For € 14.95 you buy a voucher that gives you access to the:

  • PBNA e-book Basic Safety SCC (B-VCA)
  • PBNA e-book VOL/VIL VCA
  • PBNA e-book Basic safety VCA/VOL-VCA English

Order here our e-books. Under 'other', please choose an appropriate voucher! Please note, the e-book is not suitable for a smartphone or tablet! You should preferably read the book on a laptop or computer with an up-to-date browser.

VCA mock exams

Here you find more information about the online VCA mock exams of PBNA. You can practice as many times as you want and after each test you will see which topics you already mastered and which ones you did not yet.