Ex 006 - Testing of electrical installations in or related to explosive atmospheres


This unit of competency covers the testing of electrical installations for explosive atmospheres. This requires the skill to select, prepare and use relevant test equipment, to work safely and according to standards, and to interpret and record test results.

Pre-university education:

The applicant must have a level of technical training (or equivalent) relevant to the application, with documents such as certificates from training institutes and professional qualifications, etc.

At least 3 years of practical experience with industrial electrical installations is required.

Competence in this area of competency is assessed concurrently with area of competency Ex 001 - 'Application of the basic principles of safety in explosive atmospheres' and the performance of tests on general electrical and electronic instrumentation and/or data communication installations or after such competency has been achieved.

NOTE: For work on cabling and equipment that operates above 1000 V AC. or 1500 V DC, a person must be skilled in high-voltage circuitry and safe insulation.

Limitations of the scope:

Restrictions on scope will clearly show that the areas of competence apply to both the people doing the work and those responsible for it. Restrictions on the scope of explosive protection techniques, a group or voltage apply to unit 006. Any limitations of scope shall be included in the application as per OD 502.


You have passed the examination if you have obtained at least 75% of the points

  • Theory: multiple choice and open questions and an available time of 45 min.
  • Practical test: measurement tasks on a pilot plant (time available 30 min)

Apply for CoPC:

After successful completion of the Ex 006 exam (theory and practice), the candidate can apply for a 5-year IECEx CoPC.

Cost of an IECEx Ex 006 exam: 

The costs for taking the Ex 006 theory exam are € 195,- (excl. VAT) and for a
Ex 006 practical exam € 395,- (excl. VAT).
If there are several candidates, please contact the Royal PBNA to discuss the possibilities.

The EX006 practical exam is usually taken in combination with the EX003 practical exam.

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