Free VCA pass

VCA card on your mobile phone

At, you can easily & freely put the digital pass on your cell phone as a starting icon. This pass is only available if you earned the VCA or SOG diploma through PBNA. The pass is available during the entire validity period.

The following passes are available:

  • all VCA diplomas obtained through PBNAafter 1-1-2015;
  • all SOG diplomas obtained through PBNA after 1-1-2018.

Under the pass is a direct link to SSVV's national Central Diploma Register.


Do you still have to obtain the VCA diploma?

Then get the SCC diploma from PBNA. You'll then get the SCC pass on your phone for free. Sign up for an exam right away

Would you like more information?

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via: [email protected]

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Free VCA pass

You get an SCC pass for your cell phone when you earn your SCC or SOG diploma at PBNA. You always have your pass at hand and can link directly to your registration in SSVV's Central Diploma Register (CDR).