Duplicate VCA diploma

Have you lost your VCA degree?

That in itself is not a problem. Every valid SCC diploma is registered in the Central Diploma Register (CDR). This CDR is the only official source for proving that you hold a valid SCC diploma. You can find your diploma in the CDR by filling in your name and date of birth. 

You can also download a free VCA pass on your phone if you have obtained your VCA diploma at PBNA. Look here for more information.


If you really need a copy of your diploma and a new passport, you can order these via the order button on the right. The costs are € 20,00 (excl. VAT). We can only issue a copy diploma if you have obtained the VCA diploma with PBNA. If you did not obtain the diploma with PBNA, we will not refund the amount paid! 

First check carefully in the Central Diploma Register (CDR) whether you have obtained your diploma with PBNA.



More information

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A copy of the VCA diploma and VCA pass costs € 20,00 (excl. VAT)

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