VCA in-company exams

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Incompany VCA exam

From 8 people upwards, it is economical and attractive to organize a B-VCA (Basic Safety SCC) or VOL-VCA (Safety for Operational Leaders SCC) exam within your organization or school.

You set the schedule, provide a suitable location and invite the candidates. We do the rest. Do you have any questions about that? Then get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help.

The benefits of an SCC in-company exam through PBNA:

  • Competitive price per person
  • You determine the exam date, time and location
  • Available in all standard languages (see below)
  • Only your employees as participants
  • Exams in a familiar environment
  • No travel costs and minimum leave costs
  • Result immediately after the exam
  • Digital pass within 1 to 2 days via
  • Digital diploma within 1 business day

VCA incompany exams in foreign languages

Of course, we can administer exams in many languages within your company (within or outside the Netherlands). The B-VCA exams are available in many common languages. However, there is an extra charge for these languages. For the languages:
- German, English, French, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish this surcharge is € 7.95 p.p.
- Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Ukrainian and Slovak this surcharge is € 47 p.p. 

Request reading exams for groups

Do you have candidates who have difficulty reading? You can also opt for a read-aloud exam for the B-VCA exam! The exam is taken using computers where the questions are shown one by one and you can answer them at your own pace. All questions and most answers can be clicked to be read aloud. Candidates can do this as many times as they need. The exam consists of 40 questions and a maximum of 75 minutes is available for this. The B SCC read-aloud exam can be taken in almost all languages. 

An in-company SCC exam has regulations

Even with an in-company exam we adhere to the national regulations of SSVV and the Exam Chamber. Here you will find the procedure for an SCC company exam.

About PBNA

At PBNA, we know that working safely is a priority for you, which is why we've been providing quality accessible exams for over 100 years so your people can get on the job quickly, safely and responsibly.

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Through the order button below, choose your date, time and location. If you do this a week before the exam, the exam is guaranteed to take place. Sooner is also possible, but please consult us. You do not need to register any candidates yet.


Register candidates

You should preferably register candidates 3 days before the exam using the Excel file that you can download from the button below. 

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