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PBNA Schools Plan

Safety and VCA are receiving more and more attention in education. VCA may be required for an internship, but educational institutions also choose to give their students knowledge about safety in the form of VCA. In this way, the school contributes to a safe learning and working environment for the student. PBNA supports and takes care of VCA exam projects for schools with great dedication and pleasure.
Especially for schools there is the PBNA Schools Plan. You conclude an agreement with PBNA for a school year. During the period that you work with us, we offer you, in addition to attractive discounts on the VCA exams, extra benefits such as:

  • Discount on lesson material
  • Teaching material is suitable for VMBO, MBO and HBO.
  • Practice with online mock exams
  • Always updated teaching material
  • Powerpoint presentation for the teacher is ready
  • A free presentation copy of every new textbook that comes out
  • Support in setting up large examination projects on the school's site
  • Permanent contact at PBNA

Why other schools choose PBNA:

  • CBT exams with immediate results
  • Freedom of choice of place, date and time for a school exam. You never have to ask for availability in advance
  • Efficient and correct processing of large numbers of candidates
  • Transparent rates, so that it is clear what you are paying for: all-in rate for the candidates (incl. remittance to VCA-infra & SSVV, passes and diplomas) and a separate rate for the organisation and examiners.
  • Good coordination with PBNA the examiners and the school
  • Quick results available via direct mail and via
  • Good execution of the exams
  • Highly appreciated teaching material
  • Free digital card on the mobile phone

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VCA exams at SCHOOL

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