PBNA Partner Plan

PBNA Partner Plan

If you regularly order VCA exams, you will become a cooperation partner of PBNA. During the period that you work with us, we offer you, in addition to attractive discounts, additional benefits, such as:

  • We will inform you in a timely manner about changes in the SCC examinations.
  • A free presentation copy of every new textbook that comes out
  • Support in setting up large examination projects
  • Login to the PBNA portal (easy to register and view exam results)
  • Permanent contact at PBNA

Why do others choose PBNA?

Other clients choose PBNA because:
- PBNA offers open exams in more than 50 places
- They have a free (and unlimited) choice of venue, date and time in the case of closed examinations
- They value PBNA highly in service and speed
- They have found a reliable partner in PBNA
- They appreciate the teaching material as the best
- PBNA actively thinks along with you on all your SCC issues

Login account

If you regularly order VCA exams, request a free login account for the PBNA portal. You can then order more easily and quickly and get more insight into the exams, exam results and order history. 

Send an email to: [email protected] or call 078-62 53 889

Request login account

More information

Are you interested or would you like to know more about the PBNA Partner Plan?
Send an email to: [email protected] or call 078-62 53 889
We would also be happy to send you a free presentation copy of our SCC teaching materials.


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