Examination in Corona time

Taking VCA exams in Corona time. In this article we look back on the past months in which PBNA had to react well and quickly to the measures taken following the press conferences. And we look ahead, with the experience of 2020 we will arrange the VCA exams as well as possible for you in these Corona times, with the expectation and hope that in some time everything will be as it used to be.

Looking back 2020

In this article we look back on the measures that were announced and the impact they had on the SCC certification. Thanks to the enormous adaptability of PBNA to deal with the restrictive possibilities in an efficient and customer-oriented way, we have been able to conduct a lot of SCC exams.

Examination in times of crisis

It was exciting what the cabinet announced during the press conferences. There were guidelines and restrictions which everyone had to follow. The guidelines were not always clear and it was for everyone a huge switch. Where we were used to examine 20 candidates on one exam moment we now had to admit less candidates, public locations where we examined closed their doors. Schools closed. We started working at home. PBNA has done everything possible to continue the exams as soon as possible.

Adapting to circumstances

In order to conduct VCA examinations within the measures and guidelines, PBNA did the following: New fixed exam setup - 1.5m in front behind and beside, found replacement locations in some cities, planned extra exam times, limited the group size, had to limit our
Hospitality we had to limit; only 15 minutes before the exam, no coffee against the exam tension. With gloves and a mouth mask on and without colds the exam could be done. Who would have thought that at the beginning of 2020? Despite everything, our speed of handling the VCA certificates remained unchanged.

Dispensation scheme SSVV

The SSVV came up with dispensation regulations for SCC diploma holders ( and other diplomas registered in the CDR). If the SCC diploma expires between 15 December 2020 and 19 January 2021, you will receive dispensation until 1 April 2021. During this period diploma holders may temporarily continue to work with their expired diploma. Employees of SCC-certified companies who must obtain their diploma within three months of commencing employment and who are unable to do so because of the lockdown receive dispensation until 1 April 2021. SCC-certified companies must have these employees supervised by an experienced colleague with at least an VOL-VCA diploma until they have been able to take the exam successfully.

Looking ahead to 2021

PBNA enters 2021 with full confidence. We have shown that we can respond quickly to current circumstances. We have a good safety net and stable network, our staff can switch quickly and are always aware of the latest measures. We have learned a lot from 2020, which makes PBNA a reliable, efficient and customer-oriented partner in VCA examinations.
Do you want to take your exam quickly? That is possible, look at our current planning:

Current planning PBNA

Current SSVV

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