Ex 002 - Classification of hazardous areas

Ex 002 - Classification of hazardous areas


This unit of competency covers the knowledge and skills to classify hazardous areas where explosive materials may be present. This requires the skill to collect and analyse data on explosion hazards, to determine the degree of risk and to map and document areas.

This area of competence is based on IEC 60079-10-1 and IEC 60079-10-2 and any other relevant standards applicable to this area of competence.

Pre-university education: 

Level of technical education: diploma, or equivalent provable level in a technical subject.

The classification of the areas should be carried out by those who understand the relevance and significance of the properties of flammable materials, and by those who are familiar with the process and the equipment, in cooperation with personnel who are experts in safety, electrical or mechanical engineering, or other technically qualified persons.

Crucial certificates of competence

Competence in collecting and analysing technical data and using this data for risk assessment.


You have passed the examination if you have obtained at least 75% of the points

  • Theory: multiple choice and open questions and an available time of 60 min (Gas)
  • Theory: multiple-choice and open questions and an available time of 60 min (subject matter)

Apply for CoPC:

After successful completion of the Ex 002 (theory and practice) exam, the candidate can apply for a 5-year IECEx CoPC.

Cost of an IECEx Ex 002 exam: 

The cost of attending both the Ex 002 Gas and Ex 002 Dust theory exams is €195 (excluding VAT).
If there are multiple candidates, please contact the Royal PBNA to discuss the possibilities.

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